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Smile Design

Smile Design at Dental Theory in Brandon, FL

At Dental Theory, we are committed to helping our patients achieve the beautiful, confident smiles they deserve. That’s why our Brandon, FL office offers advanced smile design services, combining the latest technology with the expertise of our skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Chris Karapasha.

Smile Design

What Is Smile Design?

Smile design is a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry that takes into account your unique facial features, skin tone, and personal preferences to create a custom smile makeover plan. Our smile design process involves a thorough evaluation of your teeth, gums, and overall facial aesthetics, followed by a detailed treatment plan that may include a combination of cosmetic dental procedures, such as:

The Latest Technology: Itero Lumina Intra-Oral Scanner

At Dental Theory, we are proud to be the first dental practice in Brandon, FL, to offer the Itero Lumina intra-oral scanner, the most advanced scanner on the market. Released in April 2024, the Itero Lumina allows us to create highly accurate 3D digital impressions of your teeth and gums, enabling us to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental issues with unparalleled precision.

In addition to its diagnostic capabilities, the Itero Lumina is a powerful tool for smile design and Invisalign treatment planning in addition to its diagnostic capabilities. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can create a virtual model of your ideal smile and show you what your results will look like before treatment even begins.

Itero Lumina Intra-Oral Scanner
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The Dental Theory Difference

At Dental Theory, we are committed to providing the highest quality smile design services in a comfortable, welcoming environment. Our team, led by Dr. Chris Karapasha, has the expertise and experience necessary to create stunning, natural-looking smiles that enhance your unique features and boost your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smile Design

The length of your smile design process will depend on the specific procedures required to achieve your desired results. During your initial consultation, our team will provide you with a detailed treatment plan and timeline.

Most smile design procedures, such as teeth whitening and dental bonding, are minimally invasive and cause little to no discomfort. For more extensive treatments, like veneers or dental implants, we use local anesthesia and advanced techniques to ensure your comfort throughout the process.

The cost of your smile design will vary depending on the specific procedures required and the complexity of your case. Our team will provide you with a detailed cost estimate during your initial consultation, and we will work with you to maximize your insurance benefits and explore financing options.

Schedule Your Smile Design Consultation Today!

If you’re ready to transform your smile and boost your confidence, contact Dental Theory today to schedule your smile design consultation in Brandon, FL. With our advanced technology, including the Itero Lumina intra-oral scanner and the expertise of Dr. Chris Karapasha, we can help you achieve the stunning, natural-looking smile you’ve always wanted!